Artificial Intelligence Advisory

Deep Tech Investing

We provide insight into how companies can unlock the power of deep tech, addressing the challenges of investing in digital technology and propelling deep tech solutions from the lab to the market.

Technical Excellence and Innovation

By focusing on market needs, technical excellence, and innovative approaches, we guide AI startups in positioning themselves for success in the rapidly evolving field of generative AI.

Data-Driven Decision Making

We emphasize the importance of leveraging AI and data analytics in investment decision-making, enabling VC firms to make more informed and data-driven investment decisions, thereby mitigating risks and improving success rates.

Expertise and Mentorship

Elevens offers access to a wealth of expertise and mentorship, guiding venture firms in critical business decisions related to AI investments, market dynamics, and technological trends.

Strategic Planning and Business Viability

We assist AI startups in developing a clear and viable plan for revenue generation, funding, market positioning, and long-term growth, addressing the lack of a sustainable business strategy that poses a significant risk of failure.
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