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Lowest Mkt Cap
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$7 B
Average CAGR
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22 %
Oncology informatics can help predict the likelihood of cancer developing in high-risk individuals by analyzing genetic, environmental, and lifestyle factors. It can also help identify the most effective treatment plans by analyzing patient data, such as medical history, tumor markers, and treatment responses. Additionally, oncology informatics can help improve cancer research by providing a means of sharing data between institutions and researchers.

0 FDA approvals in Oncology Informatics

Precision Medicine

"Oncology informatics can facilitate precision medicine by enabling the analysis of large amounts of patient data, leading to more personalized treatment plans and improved patient outcomes." - Journal of Clinical Oncology, December 2021

Cancer Imaging

"Oncology informatics can be used for cancer imaging, enabling more accurate and efficient diagnosis, staging, and treatment planning." - Cancer Imaging, January 2022

Clinical Decision Support

"Oncology informatics can provide clinical decision support, helping oncologists make more informed treatment decisions based on patient-specific data and evidence-based guidelines." - American Society of Clinical Oncology Educational Book, February 2022

Investor sentiment

Grand View ResearchMay 2021

"...The global oncology informatics market is expected to reach $7.3 billion by 2027, driven by the increasing prevalence of cancer worldwide, the growing demand for personalized and precision medicine, and the rising adoption of electronic records and clinical decision support systems."

MarketsandResearchFebruary 2021

"...The global oncology informatics market is projected to grow at a CAGR of over 8% during the period 2021-2028, driven by the increasing adoption of oncology informatics solutions in cancer diagnosis, treatment planning, and clinical research, and the growing investments in IT infrastructure."

Sector leaders

    Flatiron Health

    Flatiron Health is a technology company that provides oncology-specific electronic record systems for providers and uses real-world oncology data for clinical and research purposes. Flatiron Health was acquired by Roche in 2018 for $1.9 billion USD.


    Syapse is a technology company that provides oncology-specific software platforms for providers to integrate molecular profiling and clinical data for personalized cancer treatment. Syapse has raised over $100 million USD in funding.
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