Healthcare sector financials

High Mkt Cap
#14 of 49
$25 B
Average CAGR
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20 %
Predictive analytics can help providers identify patients who are at high risk of developing certain diseases or conditions, such as heart disease, diabetes, or cancer. By analyzing patient data, such as medical history, genetic information, and lifestyle factors, predictive analytics can help providers develop personalized prevention and treatment plans. Predictive analytics can also be used to forecast trends and allocate resources more effectively.

0 FDA approvals in Predictive Analytics

Early Detection of Diseases

"Predictive analytics can be used to analyze large amounts of patient data and identify patterns that may indicate the early onset of a disease, enabling earlier detection and intervention." - Frontiers in Public Health, December 2021

Risk Stratification

"Predictive analytics can enable risk stratification by identifying patients who are at higher risk for certain conditions or complications, enabling targeted interventions to prevent adverse outcomes." - Journal of Healthcare Information Management, January 2022

Resource Allocation

"Predictive analytics can be used to forecast demand for resources, enabling hospitals and systems to better allocate resources and improve efficiency." - Health Services Management Research, February 2022

Investor sentiment

Fortune Business InsightsJune 2021

"...The global predictive analytics in market size is expected to reach $31.8 billion by 2027, driven by the increasing adoption of big data analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning technologies, the growing demand for population management and risk stratification solutions, and the rising focus on value-based care and outcomes."

MarketsandResearchApril 2021

"...The global predictive analytics market is projected to grow at a CAGR of over 25% during the period 2021-2028, driven by the increasing adoption of predictive modeling, data mining, and natural language processing technologies, the growing demand for real-time clinical decision support and patient stratification solutions, and the rising need for cost containment and optimization."

Sector leaders

    Cerner Corporation

    Cerner is implementing predictive analytics in their EHR system to identify patients at risk for sepsis.


    Olive provides an AI-powered platform that automates and optimizes administrative processes in organizations.

    Prognos Health

    Prognos Health provides an AI-powered platform that enables predictive analytics for precision medicine.
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